2023 European Forum on Prevention and Primary Care

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Scientific Program

Monday April 17th  

08:30 – 09:00 Registration
09:00 Talks Session 1

Keynote – Greener Practices, Lifestyles and Planetary Health

Andree Rochfort

APMGF Welcome word

Nina Monteiro

9:40 Population health approaches in primary care

Laura Rodriguez and Jasmine Pawa
10:00 Free Presentations

10:00 A standardized intervention to improve the inhalatory technique of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease patients

Catarina Metelo Coimbra, Rita Correia, Rita Raimundo, Pedro Torrão Pinheiro, Sofia Padrão Tadeu, Nuno Andrez Pereira, Raquel Palhau

10:15 Asthma control – the importance of good doctor-patient communication

Gisela Santos Leite, Andreia Roque Leal, Mariana Magalhães, Marta Pinto Dias, João Teles, Ana Coelho

10:30 Tea & Coffee
11:15 Talks Session 2

11:15 Preventive mammography: pros and cons

John Brodersen & Carlos Martins

11:35 Prevention and Research

Ayse Caylan
11:55 Free Presentations

11:55 Planning improvement – continuous quality improvement

Soraia Gonçalves, Catarina Vilaverde Soares, Ana Rita Fernandes, Estefânia Teixeira, Sílvia Duarte, Rita Ribeiro

12:10 Prevalence of Chlamydia and Gonorrhoea infections among female sex workers in Lisbon

Catarina Gomes Madeira, Susana Vieira

12:25 Cervical Cancer Screening – Continuous Quality Improvement on a rural healthcare center

Sofia Fonseca Monteiro, Maria João Nuno Lopes, Ana Paula Barata, Maria Francisca Elvas

12:40 Burnout busters: How to keep the flame alive in healthcare professionals

Cláudia R. Alves, Catarina dos Santos Novais, Ema Mendonça, Joaquim Santos, João Esteves Salgado, Maria Filipa Figueiredo
12:55 Burnout prevention

13:15 Lunch
14h30 Interactive Session / Workshop

Priorities in Prevention

Mateja Kokalj Kokot, Zoi Tsimtsiou, Xénia Woestmann

16:00 Tea & Coffee
16:30 Interactive Session / Workshop

Light and shadow of 2021 European Guidelines on Cardiovascular Disease Prevention

Carlos Brotons, Irene Moral, Diana Fernández
17:30 Wrap up 1st day

Tuesday April 18th
09:00 Interactive Session / Workshop

Advantages of using POCUS in Family Medicine  |  Shlomo Vinker

GPs’ perspectives and patients’ perspectives related to POCUS  |  Camilla Aakjær

POCUS in Family Medicine: from diagnostic accuracy to overdiagnosis  |  John Brodersen

New technologies in Family Medicine: some cultural, moral and political aspects  |  Alexandra Jønsson

10:30 Tea & Coffee
11:15 Talks Session 3

11:15 Influenza vaccination: who are those medically at risk?

Lisette van de Laar

11:35 The tempting fallacy of check-up labs

Veerle Piessens
11:55 Free Presentations

11:55 Vaccination in Patients with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease – the portrait of a Family Health Unit

Sara Silva Ribeiro, Isabel Bastos Ferreira

12:10 General practitioners’ views on cardiovascular prevention for ethnic minorities – a qualitative study in the Netherlands

Joshua A.N. van Apeldoorn, Alet K. Roozekrans, Ralf E. Harskamp, Edo Richard, Charles Agyemang, Eric P. Moll van Charante

12:25 Health Literacy in Primary Health Care – an Intervention Project

Tiago Flores,  Ana Isabel Fernandes Pereira, António Vilela, Bárbara Martins, Joana Gonçalves Luís, João Mário Pinto, Mariana Abreu Gonçalves

12:40 Middle school students’ knowledge regarding tobacco, alcohol and other illegal drugs – a community intervention project

Marta Silva Almeida, Carolina Maia Gafanhão

13:00 Lunch
14:30 Talks Session 4

Keynote – Making Mental Health a Priority for Prevention: the Ethical Imperative

John Yaphe and Maria José Ribas

15:00 Immigrant and refugees’ Health – what a challenge(!)

Serdar Oztora
15:30 Free Presentations

15:30 Do patients benefit from more diagnostic tests in dementia? – a nationwide nested case- control study

Josephine Lindhout, Edo Richard, Melanie Hafdi, Marieke Perry, Eric Moll van Charante, Willem van Gool

15:45 Primary Prevention of Oncological Disease in Transgender People – Bibliographic review on Cancer Screening

Francisca Andrade, Ana Oliveira, André Sousa, José Guimarães, Jo Rodrigues, Lu Russo, Maria Alzamora, Viviana Barreira

16:00 Tea & Coffee
16:45 Free presentations

16h45 Literacy of the Portuguese population on vaccination against COVID-19, Tetanus and Influenza

Francisca Andrade, Catarina Sofia Pinto, Ana Isabel Leal, Cláudia G. Coelho, Jacinta Abreu, Nuno Santos Sousa

17h00 When less is more – therapeutic reconciliation and deprescription in primary health care

Carina de Almeida, Catarina Lopes Pinheiro, João Ribeirinho Marques, Mário Machado Cruz

17h15 Resistance of Primary Health Care Services to Antibiotics

Mónica Reis, Marta Ribeiro, Diogo Urjais, Ana Rute Carreira, Andreia Maciel, Júlia Neves
17:30  Prizes for the best free presentation and best poster

Registration Fees

17-18 April 2023
Porto, Portugal

Published on 1 January 2023.