By laws

1. Name:

The name of the organization is European Network on Prevention and Health Promotion in Family Medicine and General Practice (EUROPREV).

2. Aim:

General: to promote evidence-based prevention in general practice

Specific objectives:

  • To review the scientific evidence available in Europe and the rest of the world related to health promotion and disease prevention.
  • To elaborate recommendations based on scientific evidence and disseminate them to all general practice and family medicine associations in Europe.
  • To implement and adapt evidence-based recommendations into clinical practice.
  • To define the role of the primary care doctor in health promotion and disease prevention.
  • To promote and encourage multicentre research and educational programmes in health promotion and disease prevention throughout Europe.
3. Organisation:

General Council: consisting of one member for each country within the WONCA European Region represented in EUROPREV (national representatives).

National representatives are designated by each national college of GP/FM.

Tasks of the General Council:

  • To make and approve proposals about scientific meetings, workshops, seminars and publications.
  • To discuss and endorse recommendations in prevention and health promotion in primary care.
  • To participate in different forums in prevention and health promotion representing EUROPREV as a network organization within WONCA Region Europe.
  • To consider for approval all the proposals and acts of the coordinating group.

Coordinating Group: consisting of a chairperson, coordinating assistant, and up to three members designated by the national college where EUROPREV is located, and two members of the General Council. It meets officially at least twice a year.

Tasks of the Coordinating Group:

  • To govern the network and ensure that decisions taken by the general council are achieved.
  • To guarantee an adequate functioning of the organizational secretariat.
  • To guarantee the optimal organization of meetings and workshops.
  • To guarantee the optimal functioning of the webpage of EUROPREV.
4. General Council Meetings:
  • At least one General Council meeting must be held per year.
  • Every member of the General Council has the right to vote (only one vote per country).
  • A member of the General Council may delegate in writing another EUROPREV member to represent him/her.
  • No valid decisions can be taken unless at least half of the elected members are present.
  • Minutes of the meeting will be kept and approved in the subsequent meeting.
  • All the meetings will be conducted in English.
5. Membership:
  • Membership can be either individual or institutional (academic organizations of GP/FM) from Europe and also from outside Europe.
  • Individuals members can be either General Practitioners/Family Physicians, other specialists, nurses, or other health professionals working in prevention and health promotion.
  • A charge for membership in EUROPREV to cover the costs of administration will be made.
  • Membership fees are defined by the General Council and are annual.
  • Members will be entitled to receive reports on all EUROPREV meetings, publications and newsletters from EUROPREV.
  • Members will be entitled to attend seminars or scientific meetings of EUROPREV at a special fee.
6. Nomination Procedure:

The period of office for the coordination of EUROPREV is three years. Country candidates for coordinating EUROPREV (including the chairman and the coordinating group) will be presented at the General Council meeting and one will be elected based on the greatest number of votes.

7. Financial Matters:

The financial means of EUROPREV may consist of:

  • Grants and subsidies.
  • Income from members.


These by-laws were approved during the EUROPREV Council meeting held in Barcelona in November 1999.